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Organic Farm Sasov - Josef Sklenar

Organic Farm Sasov, eighteen years of tradition

What is Organic Agriculture?

It is the husbandry with no use of any artificial (chemical) products for plant protection and fertilising. Livestock is kept on the open pasture and no growth stimulators, hormonal formulas or genetic modified organisms are used.

Organic farming utilises traditional methods (e.g. crop variety and closed nutrient cycle) in combination with use of modern mechanisation and new technologies. Organic farms are under regime of inspections on regular yearly base. Products made under special conditions are marked as "BIO" organic products or organic food.

Positives of Organic husbandry

  • Improvement of the food/public health quality
  • Long term profitability
  • Environmental friendly (locally and also globally)
  • Savings of energies and non renewable sources
  • Reduction of overproduction by limited use of intensifiers together with preservation of income level for agricultural production
  • Introduction of new perspective product “Bio-Food” on the market
  • It helps maintains the nature spirit of the land and stabilise the population (more human labour demands, suitable for highlands and smaller family farms)
  • good for farming in preserved areas

Closed Circle balanced husbandry

Organic husbandry is very advanced and productive way of agricultural production based on thousands years of experience of our predecessors. Organic husbandry respects dependencies and rules of nature. It allows production of highly valuable food with no use of artificial substances. Organic Farming helps to preserve and restore nature.

The Farm Today

Farm is located in Czech Republic in the suburb area of Jihlava (centre of Czech/Moravian Highlands region), just in the middle between two European capitals Prague and Vienna.

Farm is located in area suitable typically for production of potatoes or other low demanding products, typical soil price is abt. 3Kc (10 Euro Cents) per sqare meter.

  • Height above the see level: 500 - 550 m
  • Average rainfall : 700 - 800 mm / year
  • Average temperature (year) : 6 - 7 °C
  • Soil type – brown soil of mid. acidity
  • Soil structure - Sand/Clay
  • Cultivatable soil layer – shallow / medium
  • There is not any regulation on farm area (e.g. preserved area, national park, etc.)
  • All production (plant and animal production) are under regime of organic farming

Plant production

Cultivated area = approx. 500 ha (250 ha arable soil, 250 ha pastures and meadows)

Crop variety:

  • Grain/Legume Mixtures (Barley/ Pea, Wheat/Pea, Wheat/ pea, Oat/ pea)
  • Buckwheat
  • Potatoes
  • Oil seed rape
  • Soya beans 
  • Peas
  • Lupin
  • Mustard
  • Energy plants

All without use of herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

Livestock production

Beef cattle (no commercial milk production)

  • basic herd approx. 100 cows
  • breed Charollais
  • breeding on pasture lands
  • native breeding
  • sell of calves
  • beef meat production


  • basic herd approx. 100 mother sows 
  • breeding according to the rules of organic production
  • native breeding
  • own feeding mixtures preparation
  • UNIQUE – family breeding, tupping of suckling sows
  • pork meat production
  • sale of piglets


  • Base stud approx 30 pcs.
  • breed Charollais, Suffolk


  • 2 pcs.
  • Kids and Milk production in limited way


  • 30 pcs.
  • Breed Czech warm-blooded horses
  • Sport, riding lessons, recreation
  • Therapeutical horseback riding

Our Offer of Organic Products: 

  • organic potato
  • organic onion
  • organic buckwheat
  • organic - pork (our own slaughterhouse opened 2009)
  • organic - lamb
  • organic - beef (our own slaughterhouse opened 2009, we allow the meat to mature in the proper way)
  • organic meat products / Salami and  ham, smoked pork meat, etc.
  • Dung and Compost

Soon we will work on e-shop in english for you. We deliver our products regularly to Prague, Brno, Ceske Budejovice and other places according to request.

Please if you are interested in any products or information from the farm, please contact Mrs. Lucie Hejna on e-mail hejna@biofarma.cz  or the telephone number +420 603 914 976.

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